Charmi, No More Evidences Required!


Charmi-PuriAfter the colossal failure of Puri Jagannath’s films in recent times, one woman who took a part of blame for the whole spoilt show is Charmi. The hot actress who lost her entire star heroine image working in a row of disasters joined Puri Jagan’s camp with an unknown status. Slowly and steadily, Charmi became omnipresent as Puri’s cave changed its form becoming her permanent address.

While media wrote various gossips at their wish and will on embroidering a relation between two, none of them paid attention. Finally, Charmi strike back in news taking over the production reins of Puri Jagan’s ongoing film with Balakrishna that is NBK101, bankrolled by Bhavya Creations Anand Prasad.

Here are the working pics captured exclusively from the shooting location in Portugal and its Charmi all around. One may not require any more new evidences to prove the influential role hot damsel is playing in maverick director’s personal and professional life. That’s what Charmi is closely monitoring at.