Charmy: Front end to back end


Charmi,Puri-JagannathSenior heroine Charmy recently attended ‘Rogue’ movie trailer launch.. somehow she didn’t pose for the photographs. She told the cameramen take the pictures of ‘Rogue’ heroines.. there is no need to take her pictures. It is known that she is looking after the responsibilities of Puri Jagan compnay Puri Connects at present.  Apart from this responsibility she is ready for additional roles as per the information.

Apart from playing the leading role, Charmy was a co-producer for ‘Jyothi Laxmi’ directed by Puri Jagannadh.  She is keen to play a major role in the Puri’s future projects also.  Charmy said to have asked Puri to give her a role Executive Producer.. or Creative Producer.. or Castig Head to be part of film making. So Puri also decided to give her a key role in the making of Nandamuri Balakrishna film.

Not only this.. Charmy is said to be ready to appear in item numbers of Puri films.  It is interesting to see Charmy who is getting ready move into film making slowly by leaving her acting career.