#ChaySam Marriage In Hyd, Honeymoon In NY


Naga-Chaitanya-SamanthaEver since this gorgeous looking love birds got engaged, people are talking huge about Naga Chaitanya and Samantha. The two got engaged already and only marriage is due. With Sam’s bonding into Akkineni family turning a cheery and memorable one, here comes the big news from Chay himself.

Talking with a print media today, Naga Chaitanya has put full-stop to the rumours that he’s flying to Goa for a destination wedding. “If it’s a destination wedding, then the whole of family should fly there. That will be however tough for old-age people in the family to join us. So, we’ll get married in Hyderabad only” said Chaitanya, confirming that he will have a coming wedding in the coming October.

Of course, that has ruled out that the couple are getting married at a place like Goa or Bangkok, but what about the honeymoon? Owing to work pressure, will Chaitu make that too in local itself? He has the answer.

“As the film, Ye Maya Chesave brought us closer, we want to fly to New York to explore those places where we have shot the film. We want to recollect all the memories and cherish them” he revealed, talking about their honeymoon plans.

So, get ready for #ChaySam’s mega-wedding in the coming October!!