I cheated a star hero: Bandla Ganesh


The producer Bandla Ganesh agreed that he cheated a star hero in one of the recent interviews. The star hero was none other than Ravi Teja.

Bandla_GaneshHe said “I cheated Ravi Teja one time deliberately as I have no other choice a few years ago. He bought 25 acres from me out of 55 to 65 acres I am having. Later, I need to sell my remaining land of 30 to 40 acres. Then when I am trying to sell it, the buyer asked that he will buy the entire land including Ravi Teja’s one, otherwise, he is not interested.

Then I cheated Ravi Teja saying that Government is going to do land Acquisition in that region and made him sell that land. Thus I cheated Ravi Teja knowingly who trusted me and helped me in earning Rs 5 crores profit with ‘Anjaneyulu’ movie for which I always regret doing so. However, I will pay back him soon for that”.

He further revealed that when he tried to say about this cheating incident to Ravi Teja then he said ‘Naaku Telusu lera’. Thus Bandla Ganesh revealed this incident when asked about whether he cheated anyone in his life.

On the other hand, when asked about he getting cheated by anyone then he revealed that a star hero’s manager cheated which incurred him a huge loss and he further added that he will recover that amount with interest from that manager soon.