Cheating case on top Heroine


Cheating-Case-On-Top-HeroinLeena kumar malayalam actress who started her career in 1998 with the film “sneham” as sister of famous hero Jayaram and got fame by the film traffic(2011) is now busy in her work of escaping from police by doing a crime,its not a small thing but a 1000 crore cheating along with her boy friend.Police has arrested them after so many complaints on them.Even she took bail for both of them after staying some days in jail.

Both of them escaped to other country by knowing that police will catch them,they cleverly completed all formalities with fake ID’S which is not even identified.But,now the problem is the police have to wait until they return back to India which is some wat difficult as she offered with plenty of money which is enough for her entire life.It means she is out of hands,its not easy to catch them,the people who are cheated by them are demanding the govt to pay their amount.Let’s see how this case turns.