Chennai beauty is back.. ends rumours


Trisha-rumoursSuchiLeaks episode has literally rocked South.. Tamil Film Industry in particular.  Singer Suchitra Karthik’s social media account created so much sensation..that it has dented the image of several celebrities. As a result of this, several celebrities were anxious.. they were afraid that their names will be attached to the episode ..whether their photos really present or not

Trisha name was pretty popular in this whole episode. Her intimate photos with Rana.. Dhanush surfaced in the media.  Ever since this episode hit the headlines..Trisha went to hibernation mode in the social media.  This Chennai beauty was in similar hibernation sometime back when Jallikattu episode rocked Tamil Nadu.   Coming to the present..Trisha turned active in social media again. Fans were really happy to see her active in social media again.  She is posting her latest photographs.. and tweeting often like before.

Do you know..why she turned active in social media again? the reason is..latest rumours on her health.  There were rumours in the media that her health has been disturbed and joined in a Hospital in Hyderabad. Even though Trisha’s mother ruled out these things are just rumors.. netizens are not believing her.. so, Trisha entered the scene to put a fullstop to the rumours..