Chennai Express Movie Preview


chennai-express-previewAre you ready to get on the Chennai Express train this weekend? Get ready to meet Rahul and Meena in the very same place. Rahul is none other than the superstar Shahrukh Khan in the upcoming movie Chennai Express.

Meena Lochni is played by Deepika Padukone. Rahul is a North Indian boy in the film, who accidentally boards a train called Chennai Express and there he ends up meeting Meena, who is a South Indian girl. This accident by Rahul happens to make him reach his actual destination which is nothing but love.

One one hand, Rahul who lives with grandparents has a very possessive grandfather and on the other side, we have Meeena’s father who
is a well-known don in the Komban village. This action-comedy film is ready to hit the theatres on August 8. There are very high expectations for this SRK-starrer which is directed by Rohit Shetty.

This is one of the biggest releases of 2013 with over 3,500 screens in the country, 700 screens abroad. It looks like SRK movies are only getting bigger. Although Shahrukh khan brings back Rahul in this movie, it’s a different Rahul here. Shahrukh who is extensively promoting his movie, is all set for the film’s release and so are the fans. So just hold one for a couple of days and you can board the Chennai Express train.

Chennai Express will be the first movie to be released the same day in Peru as in India. Screens in Morocco, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and Israel have also been locked. The movie will be released in North America across 195 screens, in Britain across 175 screens, in the Middle East 55 screens and 30 screens in Australia.

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