Chinmayi is very very upset!


Chinmayi-is-very-very-upsetTalking about the impact of #SuchiLeaks on his wife singer Chinmayi’s life, hero Rahul Ravindran maintained that his life got affected to the most.

“Chinmayi is very upset about the happenings. For a few hours she’s okay, but something will trigger it and shell start crying again. She has worked so hard to build all this. What’s the point she asks, if all it takes is a bunch of tweets for so many people to start believing the allegations to be true”, said Rahul Ravindran, saying that thousands of tweets are targeted at Chinmayi after #SuchiLeaks revealed that the video of Anirudh and Chinmayi will be out soon.

“We’ve both mostly maintained a stoic silence about what has happened. We didn’t come in public because Suchitra’s life would become a circus. But things got escalated” he concluded.