Chiranjeevi Busy With Training


Megastar-Busy-With-TrainingVery few people may disagree with the popular notion of no actor looks as good as Megastar Chiranjeevi while riding a horse. Megastar, who has displayed his horse riding skills in many films including the recent ‘Bruce Lee’, is reportedly honing his horse riding ability to portray the character of Uyyalavada Narasimha Reddy with utmost authenticity.
Uyyalavada, who is credited to be one of the very first freedom fighters in the history of India’s struggle for freedom, is the subject of Megastar’s 151st project. As the film boasts of elaborate action sequences, Chiru is reportedly training for horse riding for about two hours a day at a race course in Hyderabad.

Later this month, he will also commence training in the martial arts and sword fighting. The action part is said to the major strength of the film. We have recently seen Balayya riding horses and slaying enemies with a historical sword in GPS. Now, its the time to see Megastar doing the same.

Meanwhile pre-production is in progress. Ram Charan will produce this historical film under Konidela Productions Company.