Chiranjeevi daughter Srija got divorced


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Tollywood actor and Tourism Minister Chiranjeevi’s daughter Srija is in news for her love story and escape from home for a secret marriage. Srija loved her college mate Bhardwaj and they both planned to marry which will not be accepted by both families. So in a cinematic drama they escaped from home and called media for their marriage.

They got married in Aarya samaj and everything was fine until they realized that they are just in attraction. Srija and Bhardwaj are not accepted by Chiranjeevi family and after few days Srija left Bharadwaj and reached back her home. Later she applied for divorce with Bharadwaj. And court tried to bring them back together with few talks which are also a failure.

So finally court grants them divorce recently, Srija may leave to USA very soon to start a new life is industry talk. Chiranjeevi first daughter is also involved in such marriage issues and she left back to USA long back. Finally a big black flash back of Mega family comes to an end with this divorce.