Chiranjeevi guides..Mohan Babu follows


Chiranjeevi-Mohan-BabuSome relationships are quite hard to explain. On the surface level everything seems to be not well.  But when we go little deeper, the relationship will be just fine…and nothing else. Chranjeevi – Mohan Babu relationship is one of them.  Many feel that Chiru & Mohan Babu are not in good terms with each other.  But a recent development suggests that they are good friends irrespective of what is going on a the surface level.

Mohan Babu said to have been suffering with shoulder pain from a long time. After coming to know about this, Chiranjeevi suggested him a doctor in Mumbai who has treated him few months ago for the same ailment.  Following the advice of Chiranjeevi Mohan Babu decided to undergo surgery in Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai.

Mohan Babu is flying to Mumbai soon for the surgery. Entire Manchu family said to be accompanying him.  Mohan Babu’s elder son Vishnu said to have given break for the shoot of his ongoing film directed by Karthik Reddy to accompany his father.