Chiranjeevi selects Movies for Varun Tej


srikanth-addala-Varun-Tej-aThe moment Chiranjeevi offered his blessings for varun tej on first movie launch held two days ago amidst the huge gathering of Fans, its unofficially spoken in film circles that Mega Star promised to be in touch with Naga Babu for adding the creative inputs helping director Srikant Addala. As we all know, Chiru takes care of Ramcharan’s movies in selection of stories and finalization of scripts, now he will do the same even for varun tej.

Yes, we heard about Srikant Addala narrated the complete script to Chiranjeevi and requested him for additional inputs. Although, a pure emotional family cum romantic entertainer, Chiranjeevi suggested few elements which could give this film a Mega brand. In coming days, we might see more involvement from Chiru on varun tej because its all the matter of family bonding and blood relation.