Chiranjeevi thoroughly enjoyed the Kick


chiranjeevi-praises-kickChiranjeevi is busy politician who do not have time to spare for films or other film related activities. How busy he may be, he is a man of movies and when ever time permits, he will watch movies to relieve from stress. Chiru explained one such incident at yesterday’s ‘Race Gurram’ audio release function while speaking about the scripting and direction style of Surender Reddy.

‘Trying to have a glance at political updates on news channels, I was scanning my TV. Then I passed through ‘Kick’ movie in one of the entertainment channels. I could not move from there on and thoroughly enjoyed watching it. The strong scripting in ‘Kick’ made it a superb entertainer and if I would have got the offer to do ‘Kick,’ I could have done it,’ Chiranjeevi said. That’s a big compliment for Surender Reddy and raviteja.