Chiranjeevi Walked Out Of Bruce Lee Screening


Chiranjeevi--hIf the buzz from the film circles is to be believed, Megastar Chiranjeevi has predicted that Bruce Lee would end up as a flop.

The movie was screened to Chiranjeevi after the final edit and Megastar didn’t like it at all. It was five days away from the release date at that time and there is nothing that Megastar could do to better it.

Chiranjeevi has simply walked out of the screening even before the film is complete. Usually Chiranjeevi suggests changes to Charan’s films after the final edit.

His suggestions worked for movies like Racha and Nayak which were commercial hits. There is little that Chiranjeevi could do to Bruce Lee as the release date was very close by the time he saw the final cut.

Unit members are blaming Sreenu Vaitla for being stubborn and paying deaf ear to the suggestions of writers and other crew.

He was the one who roped in Chiranjeevi for that unimportant and wasted cameo. He was the one who wanted thetitle over other titles.

Charan and the producer respected Sreenu Vaitla’s experience and track record and did whatever he asked for.

Now Sreenu has no one but to blame himself for this debacle. He will be the biggest loser with this as nobody is ready to gamble on him after Aagadu and Bruce Lee.