Chiru To Set Right Pawan’s Failed Promise?


ChiranjeeviSome producers hang on to few heroes whenever they are struggling with financial difficulties. We have seen many such producers getting dates of that hero and making a film only to sell it at profitable rates such that they could come out of debts. Even producer AM Ratnam, who once made big-ticket films, has expected similar help from Pawan Kalyan.

While Ratnam kept saying that Pawan Kalyan is going to do a film for him, it never happened and the Janasena president took a political turn after completing Agnyathavaasi. Then Ratnam’s director son Jyothikrishna who made Oxygen with Gopichand also scored another disaster. Buzz has that Jyothikrishna who has earlier written story for Chiranjeevi’s Sneham Kosam has now narrated another story to him. And this is part of a rescue plan hatched by AM Ratnam, they say.

We hear that if Chiranjeevi likes the story then he will suggest the appropriate mega hero for the film other than Pawan Kalyan such that Ratnam would make a film with that hero. That would be a great help to this struggling producer who wants to come out of the financial mess.

Some people close to Ratnam say Chiru would set right the failed promise of Pawan Kalyan. But honestly speaking, will Jyothikrishna ever write a new and intriguing story that would work at the box office?