Chiru’s Take On His Own Politics!!


Chiranjeevi--film-not-this-‘More than the experiences I’ve had in politics, none would have gone through such variations’, avers Megastar Chiru, recounting this full political journey of 7 years. He has claimed that wherever he is today, he’s happy with it, and will thrive to do something for Andhra Pradesh state that lost much in the bifurcation. Though he’s looked as a big culprit in the events that led to bifurcation, Chiru says he’s honestly fighting for ‘special status’.

‘I’m a party’s president once. Then I lost somewhere and won at other place. Became an MP and a minister but this is a costly experience. It costed my career. Felt many emotional and mental jitters after taking up Samikyandhra stand’ he says. Chiru confirmed that he’s determined to bring that special status that was promised by Congress government in the Parliament. ‘I’m ready to join hands with any, to win special status for AP’, he adds. Does that ring any bells? His brother Pawan Kalyan is also fighting for the same special status with his own ally TDP-BJP combine.

Criticising the ruling BJP government, Chiru said, ‘Modi’s government is a matter of words, but not deeds. There could nothing be seen in terms of development. Future is of Congress. Definitely it is’, he concluded. That’s Chiru’s take on politics and his journey.