Chloe Khan suffers bikini wardrobe malfunction as she pops out of tiny top


Chloe Khan’s life is an endless parade of bikini-clad holidays and embarrassing wardrobe fails, so what better to combine her two favourite hobbies with this cringe photoshoot?

The reality star, who has recently had a Brazilian butt lift to make her behind even more curvaceous, stripped down to a white bikini during her trip to a beautiful Barbadian beach – but unfortunately the tiny garment lacked the structural integrity to stay in place.

Chloe accidentally flashed her nipples while bravely attempting to pull her bikini top up, but sadly it wasn’t to be.
The former Celebrity Big Brother star didn’t seem at all fazed that she was letting it all hang out, though.

Instead, she just carried on splashing around in the gorgeous turquoise waters while a helpful block tried to hand her a lifejacket before she stepped on to a jetski.

Chloe, 26, appears to have healed from her recent bum surgery, which left her unable to sit down for three weeks after fat was harvested from her waist and thighs and injected into her butt.

The star had to fly to Turkey for the procedure and was warned it would be more painful for her as there wasn’t enough fat to suck out of the normal areas.

After her surgery, she posted – then deleted – a picture of herself wearing a surgical corset around her tiny waist, which had to be worn for several days until the fat-harvesting sites healed.

But blood could be seen on the corset, sparking concern from her fans.
The glamour model did a photoshoot soon afterwards that revealed the toll all her plastic surgery has taken on her body.

As she bent over to lay face-down on a sunlounger, the scars from her boob jobs could clearly be seen peeking out from underneath her bikini top.

And two big holes could be seen on her bum from where the fat had been injected.

Chloe is thought to have spent thousands of pounds on sculpting her body by going under the knife, racking up �20,000 on having HH-cup breast implants, �8,500 on having her teeth fitted with white veneers, and another �10,000 solely on plumping her pout with lip fillers.