Clash Between Two Friends On August 3rd


In the present generation, the actors are developing a healthy competition and even making their movies clash at the box office. Now, the same situation is taking place between Adivi Sesh and his friend. It’s a known fact that Adivi Sesh is all set with his upcoming venture, ‘Goodachari’ gearing up to hit the screens on August 3rd. Adivi Sesh has always been good friends with Rahul Ravindran who is marking his directorial debut with ‘Chi La Sow’ starring Sushanth which is getting ready to get released on the same day.

Adivi Sesh also shares a good rapport with all the core team members of Chi La Sow. Adivi Sesh shared the screen space with Vennela Kishore in movies like ‘Ami Tumi’ and is good friends with him. Vennela Kishore is playing a vital role in Chi La Sow as well. Also, Supriya who is playing a crucial role in Goodachari is the sister of Sushanth. Both the movies got the positive buzz and are releasing on 3rd August. Let’s see which one of them will impress the audience more.