Clash Between Nayan And Nikhil


In the current generation of heroines, Nayanthara got the title of lady superstar. Though she hasn’t done any fight scenes, because of the recognition that she can act well she received that title. She is proving her talent not only by doing commercial films but also accepting the roles which have the scope for performance.

Recently Nayanthara acted as a district collector in Tamil movie Aramm. The movie became a super hit and gained good name for Nayan. Now, Pawan Kalyan’s friend Sharath Marar has got the dubbing rights of this film. The makers have thought of releasing the dubbing version soon after the release in Tamil, but because of some problems, the movie is finally hitting the theatres on March 16. This Gopi Nayanar’s directorial is releasing in Telugu with the title Karthavyam.

But on the same day young hero Nikhil’s Kirrak Party movie is also getting released. The makers of this film tried hard not to have any competition during release but failed to do so. Interestingly both Kirik party and Karthavyam are the subjects other languages. However, one is dubbing and the other is the remake. Let’s see who will impress us more.