Click A Selfie on Pawan Kalyan’s Birthday


Pawan-Kalyan-gift-to-AkkineJust a week ago, Mega fans from allover the globe celebrated Chiru’s 60th birthday in a grand way. Now, all eyes are cast on his brother Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s birthday, which is on 2nd September. As usual, fans are celebrating Pawan’s birthday by carrying out several charity and social works.

Apart from the usual cultural events and noble causes like blood and eye donation campus, medical camps and annadanam etc, this time, Pawan fans have taken a much more innovative and foresighted cause of planting trees. In this new initiative, Pawan fans are urging everyone to “Plant a tree and take a selfie with it” on September 2nd.

Already, social media is abuzz with enthusiastic fans trending the hashtag to ensure larger visibility to the cause. While this explains the creative and yet socially conscious side of Pawan’s fans, this cause also inspires even normal people to know the importance of planting saplings in their neighborhoods.