C/o Same Killings: Please Change Sir!


Same-KillingsNa Peru Siva, yes it’s a beautifully conceived murder drama. Palnadu, of course, another such drama. And now C/o Surya, it is just adding to it. So what is the message director Suseendran is giving to all?

Apparently, the film C/o Surya got rave reviews in Tamilnadu, but it got black and blue from Telugu critics and audiences. There is only one reason that could have happened in the film’s opposition. Till date, those hyped films of director Suseendran have same tried and test formula. Some villains are intelligent murderers and finally, the hero realizes that he’s intelligent than the villain and beats him to nuts.

While Na Peru Siva has Karthi taking revenge for his father’s death, Palnadu has seen Vishal taking revenge for brother’s death. This time Sandeep Kishan is busy taking revenge for attempted murder on his sister in C/o Surya movie. But the same old killings, which looks like slow-motion loud-background score versions of Nerala Ghoralu programs are not clicking well at the box office.

That’s the reason some Telugu fans who love Suseendran’s work do say, ‘Please change the script sir’.