Why Coconut? That Is Taapsee’s Point


taapsee-pannu-picWhy attacking Tollywood only when there is similar glamour treatment in Bollywood too? That’s the question many people ask Taapsee these days after her comments on K Raghavendra’s obsession with throwing a coconut at navel went viral.

As it is being spread that Taapsee apologised over her comments only due to the pressure from her latest movie “Anando Brahma” makers, the actress says, she apologised because some people are really hurt. Speaking at IIFA event in USA, she said, “There is an obsession for female body in Bollywood as well but as I didn’t do glamour roles here, I told about Telugu industry”. But what did she really wanted to tell then?

“I told about K Raghavendra Rao garu that he’s a man with Midas touch who launched many big stars like Sridevi and Jayaprada. But he generally throws flowers and fruits at midriffs of heroines, but why coconut at my midriff?” said Taapsee. So, she’s worried that a coconut is thrown at her rather flowers.

Also, the curly haired seductress stated that some media folks themselves have become trolls these days. As she wanted some ‘peace’ she didn’t hesitate to apologise immediately.