Colors Swathi hits back at Fan @ Aunty remark


Colors-Swathi-hits-back-at-Fan---Aunty-remark-1979Recently, Colors Swathi posted few pictures of herself on the Instagram page. A fan of her advised the actress not to share such stuff since she looks more like an aunty in them.

A miffed Swathi Reddy had hit back at the Fan for his loose talk: “@suthagallery I AM AN AUNTY. It’s not a bad word that I have to feel embarrassed to put up with. People like you are the reason it’s hard to be yourself. I am not going to be the colors Swati who was 16, forever. Ok, Uncle? Chill with the free advice.”

Then the actress added – “If looking grown up is “Aunty” then I am an Aunty. If having more weight than what magazines and social media approves, then I am an Aunty. And proud to be one”.

Colors Swathi claimed the aunties she grew up watching were superwomen and hopes she is as good as them. At last, She advised the person not to underestimate Desi Aunties as they can whip his backside before he know it.