Comedian’s 1Cr Demand Shocks Producer?


We have already reported that Saptagiri, the star comedian turned lead hero, will do his third film as protagonist in Eshwar Reddy’s (Siddhu from Srikakulam fame) direction. The film is currently in pre-production.

It is heard that the project got revived after almost from the stage of being shelved. Saptagiri’s high remuneration has been cited as the reason for the producer backing out. As per the buzz in inside circles, Saptagiri demanded Rs 1 Cr remuneration for the film.

Taking into account that his last film, ‘Saptagiri LLB’ was a colossal flop and his debut film, ‘Saptagiri Express’ barely broke even, the producer refused to pay such high remuneration. The deadlock between the duo left the project in doldrums for some time.

The film got revived only after Saptagiri took a back step and asked the producer to give him a Percentage in Profits instead of upfront fee. The producer got convinced as he wouldn’t have to pay a hefty remuneration upfront and should pay the hero’s fee, which is the lion’s share of any film’s budget, only if the film brings profits.

Saptagiri on the other hand has immense confidence on the project and believes that he can pocket more than Rs 1 Cr on profit sharing basis. For now, its a win win situation for both.