Comment: Audience Won With Two Films


Kanche,-Raju-Gari-GadhiWill audiences watch ‘routine’ films with ‘routine’ masala or will they prefer ‘variety’ subjects with ‘variety’ treatment?

If that’s the question, writers like Kona Venkat are openly saying that audiences love to watch ‘routine’, while some creative filmmakers do say that audiences love ‘variety’. To be honest, audiences love both, if that particular film is engaging. That’s right. They won this discussion by declaring the results of two films, and that’s tight slap for those cry-babies who complain about mindset of movie-goers.

As we said already, both “Kanche” and “Raju Gari Gadhi” are going steady at box office. While Krish and Varun Tej’s Kanche is getting appreciation for its brilliant script and tackling of caste system rather effectively, Raju Gari Gadhi is winning accolades merely for its comedy factor. What does this prove? Make a routine film with engaging content, entertaining scenes and gripping narration- then people will watch it. Raju Gari Gadhi story is not new, but the presentation is. Variety is what you want to deliver, then pick a subject that will touch the hidden emotional layers of audiences and move their hearts. Even though there are some dull moments, Kanche’s brilliant handling of social-evil and pure love have impressed big time.

So, make a routine film or a variety one, make it engaging. Don’t complain about audiences, because they watch any film that could make them sit happily and excitedly for 2 hours. The End.