Comparison Between Nani and NTR for Bigg Boss


Nani is making his small screen debut with the second season of Bigg Boss 2. How much does he charges as remuneration for hosting this Celebrity Reality Show? This is the big doubt in everyone’s mind at present!

As per unofficial sources, Nani is being paid Rs 10 lakh per episode for Telugu Bigg Boss 2.

Nani’s Price Tag is far less than what NTR charged for Season 1. Tarak was paid a whooping Rs 50 lakh per episode. Whereas, Nani wasn’t even offered half of that amount and this is completely unexpected. Fans of Natural Star are in a bit of shock. They feel Nani mayn’t be a big star like Tarak but he is definitely worth paying at least half of his predecessor. Why did Nani accept such a low price tag?

Season 2 of Bigg Boss lasts for 106 days, few weeks more than Season 1. Still, No. of days can’t be an excuse for low pay package. What do you say?