Concept of Mayamaal is good, but …!


MayamaalAfter the success of Prema Katha Chitram and Geetanjali, in Telugu Cinema, the horror comedies have increased. With new concepts many young directors are trying their best to present the Horror and Comedy mix well. A new director Govind Lalam made Mayamaal with the same aspirations. The movie released last Friday.

All the horror comedies have been following one set formula all the while. Few people enter the old building and their they are attacked by a ghost. Hence we see some comedy and thrills too. But Mayamaal makers tried something different to this. They have sent the leads and the comedy characters to a shopping mall and tried to run the story there.

Even though Govind tried his best he could not deliver the necessary comic punch in the execution. It became another routine comedy horror movie and the movie hold the interest of the audience after a good start. In the movie, Hora Hori fame, Dileep, Ami Thumi actress, Esha Rebba, Shakalaka Shankar and Thagubothu Ramesh are impressive but their efforts have been wasted!