Condom Became A Reason For Actresses Fight


Everything has a limit.. even if it is fun. If someone forgets this basic thing then it may lead to a trouble. The same thing happened with two Bollywood actresses. The discussion started on a funny note on the social media platform but it has lead to an ugly fight. It has become a hot topic.

Let us get into the details to see what happened. It is known that Maharashtra government recently imposed a ban on the plastic usage. Responding to the ban, Bollywood actress Mahika Sharma wrote on his Instagram mentioning Rakhi Sawant name that “Sister…can you give me lil knowledge about the plastic ban? If condoms included? Beboy doing good yaa these rain and plastic ban what a combo.” The first question is normal but the second question upset Rakhi.

Rakhi immediately responded in a serious manner and started abusing her on the social media. Rakhi said that she has knowledge about condoms. She said that they are made of plastic, not with rubber. She said that people like Mahika will die with AIDS if condoms are banned. Even Mahiika got upset with the messages and started replying in a serious manner. Whatever be the case, their social media fight has attracted the attention of netizens.