Congress and BJP MPs to act for a movie


RamyaThe political fight between Congress and BJP is known to one and all in the nation. In Karnataka, the fight between these parties touches the peaks. Now, film shades too appeared on politics in this state. It is known that the actress Ramya won Congress MP seat in Karnataka. She is familiar to telugu people with the films “Amruta Varsham” and “Abhi”.

Before entering politics, Ramya signed on the papers for a flick. By the time Ramya entered the political field, the film has not yet been completed. Interestingly, the hero in that venture is BJP MP Jaggesh. This opposition leader filed a complaint demanding 4 Crores from Ramya for leaving the film in the middle.

Speaking on this, Ramya stated that she has given enough dates to the film makers of that flick but they didn’t use them correctly. As the film shooting is in the middle, Ramya may pity the situation of the film producer and start working for that venture. “Will this Congress MP romance BJP MP?” turned out to be a hot topic.