Corporate College Screens Srimanthudu Piracy CD


Srimanthudu-beats-Gabbar-SiCorporate Colleges charge lakhs as free from students, but few do cheap things to cut expenditures. Regular training is not enough; it is duty of the educational institutions to teach good things to students. However, a corporate college in Vijayawada forgot the basic morals and screened piracy version of Mahesh Babu’s Srimanthudu to their students.

In fact, this is not the first time, an educational institution committing such howler. This and few other institutions are encouraging piracy by showing piracy version of films to students. Police and government needs to take severe action against these institutions. It is also learnt that, teachers are asking students to bring piracy CDs to screen films in schools or colleges. How could an educational institute, which is to make engineers, doctors and scientists, encourage such shameful stuff? What kind of message they are giving to the students.

Srimanthudu is not a regular commercial entertainer; the film has some good social message in it. Inspired by the film’s theme, NRIs announced to contribute to their hometowns. It will be fine, if management of schools or colleges taking students to theaters to show meaningful and social message films like Srimanthudu. It will give mental relief for students and also set their mind to do some good things for society.