Could Vishwaroopam-2 End Up Like Josh?


Naga Chaitanya Akkineni debuted with Josh, back in 2009. Before his career got a big boost with Ye Maaya Chesave and 100% Love, Josh was supposed to be his big launch that is designed on the lines of Shiva, by Dil Raju.

Movie had Naga Chaitanya delivering a 3 minutes monologue and passively active. Compared to many debut films, this one should have earned better revenues as the music by Sandeep Chowta is still popular.

But the movie got affected by YS Rajasekhar Reddy’s untimely shocking demise and the opening numbers were pretty abysmal as no one is interested in watching a film.

After such a huge mass political leader’s denise, many thought Dil Raju and Nagarjuna should have bared the losses and release the movie one month or two, later.

Now, in 2018, A political legend and Tamil stalwart M. Karunanidhi passed away. Once again, his untimely demise as come as a shock to another big film. This time, with Kamal Haasan as producer, Director, writer and actor.

Vishwaroopam-2 is releasing on 10th August and no one in Tamil Nadu is in the mood for cinema. He had to stop promotions and the theatres might have to be closed until followers of DMK digest the huge loss.

Already news reports of Stampede and deaths of DMK followers are floating around. Viswaroopam-2 got delayed by 5 years and Kamal had to face many challenges to release it. Also, there is a case by Pyramid Saimeira on the makers about money they lent.

To add to all these death of Karunanidhi seems to be even bigger problem for Kamal Haasan and Viswaroopam prospects. Like they say, Karna died off many causes and not because of lack of ability, it could be true for Kamal’s Geo-political adventure too!