Counter To Kamal Fans


Versatile Actor, Kamal Hassan’s decision of entering into politics has created so many ripples in the industry. Now, his ex-partner Gautami’s comments on him have become a hot topic in Kollywood. The fans are asking why Gautami who used to be in a live-in relationship with him for a long time haven’t unveiled these things till now.

They are also giving counters to her as she is making all such comments just before Kamal marks his political entry. So, Gautami also tried to give counters to them. “To all of those people who were so quick to judge me, you have known me for 30 years and I have never been one to throw my words around. When I say something about anyone, I do not speak without reason. And I do not speak without proof.” Tweeted Gautami.

Gautami’s response has not only went viral on social media but also in print media. Some are stating that Gautami won’t back off and is planning to damage the support BJP is giving for Kamal Hassan. Why Kamal has been silent during all this has become a mystery. The fans are eagerly waiting for Kamal to break his silence on this issue.