Court Notice to stop Auto Nagar surya Release


Auto-Nagar-surya-Release-stFrom day 1 of shoot Akkineni Naga Chaitanya Auto Nagar surya is facing troubles and they are trying to recover it but its turning worse day by day. Samantha is starring this film and as said movie should be released by this march.

Auto Nagar surya movie gets a break at box office as court notice is sent to halt this release. Entering into details producers failed to pay 2 cores of cash to Emerald Projects Company. They gave several warnings to producers but they failed to pay them back.

Finally Emerald Company filed a case on Auto Nagar surya producers and film and until this case gets to an end and producers are asked to attend court by this 9th. So it’s really a tough time for Auto Nagar surya release and hope it will answer all odds after release.