I cried everyday after shooting: Shraddha das


Shraddha-dasHeroines life on screen is completely different to their off screen, same as they behave completely different off screen. Few heroines will be satisfied to roles they get an few will get used to satisfy with what they really got. Shraddha das will be standing in second category of this list saying that she is not at all happy with her roles and but got used to them. Shraddha das apperead in few Tollywood and Bollywood films and recently she also made her debut in Bengali, Talking about this to TOI she says that she is not happy with her roles in industry.

Here is what she said “Earlier, I used to cry a lot every day after the shooting because I wasn’t happy with what I was doing. Initially, I was advised to take up whatever came my way and I did quite a lot of films where I didn’t have much to do.” “ Once you are typecast in Telugu, it’s tough to get different roles. It’s only the mass entertainers which make money in Tollywood.

No matter what the critics say, the chances for other kinds of cinema to match the scale of mass entertainers at the box office are very slim. I wish it was different,” reveals the actress who seems to have learnt to say ‘no.’ “I’ve learnt to say ‘no’ to offers I don’t like. When I am getting good offers in other languages, why should I continue doing films which I’m not happy about? I didn’t sign a Telugu film since taking up Rey two years ago. People think I’ve no films in hand. But, I shot for two Hindi films and a Bengali one in those two years,”