Curious Case Of Sri Reddy


Until recently, TV Channels used to invite Kathi Mahesh for any kind of debates. Now, the channels are queuing up for Sri Reddy who is a popular face now in YouTube and FaceBook.

Director like Ram Gopal Varma acclaimed Sri Reddy saying she has become a national celebrity and people in Mumbai are talking about her.

Keeping aside Sri Reddy’s obstacles and anguish, a WhatsApp post which is currently being spread is creating stir.

As per the Social Media post, Sri Reddy’s original name is Vimala Chowdary and she doesn’t belong to ‘Reddy’ community. Those who use to be very active in social media are shocked to know this.

Then enthused people started investigation to know real identity of Sri Reddy aka Vimala Chowdary. They in their research find out that, Sri Reddy actually introduced herself to various people with different names.

As per the research, Vimala Chowdary started her career as an anchor in few TV channels and she worked as news presenter in Sakshi channel for elongated period.

It is also heard that, Sri Reddy hails from Krishna district and her original name is Vimala Reddy. She was even called with the name Vimala Mallidi.

Curiously, she concluded in an interview that she is a Reddy. Then, it is unclear why the reports of she belonging to Chowdary social group surfaced. Few doubted her husband would be from ‘Chowdary’ community.

Sri Reddy is said to have indulged in a clash with an outsider and when this was disclosed in her office she was needed to resign her job.

Reports further stated that, Sri Reddy always wanted to become an actress. Thus she started her career as an anchor only to procure contacts of industry people.

All in all, two news about Sri Reddy have stunned netizens today. While one is she has many names and the other is she actually belongs to Kamma community, though she prefixed ‘Reddy’ to her name for unknown reasons. This will remain to be a mystery until she herself reveal the truth about her caste.

Meanwhile, Sri Reddy unveiled to a news channel that, a person belonging to a big family in Tollywood has cheated her. She affirmed that he used her with a false promise of marrying her.

“The person who cheated me in the name of love is from a big family in Tollywood. When I asked him to marry me, he questioned me, ‘what’s your family status? Which community you belong to?

We have been ruling the industry for ages. Are you disposed to get daughter-in-law post in our family to enjoy our property? It is our right to use heroines for sexual favors.

Since we produce films, many heroines come to us. We know how to use them.’ Nobody is daring to speak against him. Thus, I’m protesting.”

Sri Reddy stated that, many are trying to oppress her. She also revealed that her owner is asking to vacant house. She posted in her FB to inform the big people are even trying to manage media.

Seems like, industry biggies are uniting in Sri Reddy aka Vimala Chowdary’s matter. It is to be seen whether the controversial actress will stop protests as she has already deleted posts against Viva Harsha.

If Sri Reddy’s story ends soon for any reason, TV channels need to look for other ‘hot’ and salable stuff!