We are dangerous than terrorists: Rajamouli


Rajamouli-Speech-at-TrafficSS. Rajamouli, the director of Baahubali, today attended the Traffic awareness program and he made sure that everyone will understand how important the traffic regulations are in a very strong way. He used normally tweet such things but for the first time his words also sounded harsh and at the same time, awakening.

“Many people die in terrorist attacks and we react against them with an unified office. But the truth is we are dangerous than terrorists. If terrorists kill 200 members per year, due to road accidents one lakh people die. Whenever there is a terrorist attack we always ask when will such atrocities stop but we never discuss the problem of road safety. As they are intruders and this is a common daily problem we tend to ignore this. But it is as important as the terrorist attacks”, said Rajamouli in his speech. He then praised Bunny for this words and also remarked that, “We directors can’t talk like actors and that’s the reason we need them in our films to tell the tales we want to show.”

Later, he appreciated Bunny for his “I Am Change” short film and also asked people to follow his suggestion of taking a non-smoker and non-drinker with them to parties to make that person drive when you’re completely drunk. He said he can’t say about it as he doesn’t drink. Allu Arjun also complimented Rajamouli for making Baahubali.