The Dark Side Of Holi With Heroines


The-Dark-Side-Of-Holi-With-Other day its Holi and we have few hotties wishing for it, while others advised keeping dogs safe from synthetic colours as usual. And more than that, invitations for poolside Holi parties with some heroines invited as chief guests, might have caught your attention.

Some event management companies hold these special Holi bashes with some struggling heroines and popular-but-no-work kind of starlets as guests. Many say that people spend around 3000 to 7000 rupees to own tickets of these bashes just for these hotties. Yes, to satisfy their craving to look at film celebs drenched completely wet. Isn’t this too regressive?

And a ‘deleted’ tweet from director Ram Gopal Varma is in tandem with these claims. “Don’t know what which rakshas did nd why God killed him but I thank both for giving me opportunity to see girl next door in wet clothes” (sic) tweeted Varma on Sunday night, though he deleted it by Monday morning. Whether these words are hurting anyone or not, surely they are revealing how few mindsets are still working.

At the bottom line, these Holi bashes are just turning events where sick-minds keep ogling at assets of women who are wet in white clothes. Especially these bashes with heroines are getting attention for the same. That’s a truly dark side!!