Dasari Family Property Dispute!


Property dispute in Dasari Family drew everyone’s attention when the Legendary Filmmaker was hospitalized. Susheela, Daughter-in-Law of Darsakaratna, has been fighting for her share in the property since few years. Once again, Focus of media shifted to this issue with the intervention of Women Organisations. They had even staged a protest in front of Dasari’s Hyderabad residence.

Reportedly, Susheela (W/o of Dasari Prabhu) demands share in the property. She claims Dasari himself assured her rightful share in the property when he was in the hospital. ‘Unfortunately, My Father-in-Law has passed away due to health issues. Since then, Deliberate attempts have been made by few members in the family to delay the division of assets,’ she complains.

Cops have been holding talks with both Susheela and Dasari’s Second Son Arun, who have the assets earned by his Father under his control, to see if there is any scope for an amicable solution.