Dasari’s first day in Industry!


Dasari-Narayana-RaoDasari Narayana Rao, is a Writer-Director in Telugu Cinema who rose to an unparallel level of power and authority without any background. He entered into the Industry after a producer wanted to cast him in a role looking at his social dramas.

Like many who face various insults on their entry, even Dasari had to undergo such an insult. Before entering into the Industry, he acted in many social dramas and won awards for writing and directing them as well. A producer, Y. V. Krishnayya looking at his talent as an award winning actor wanted to cast him in his movie.

He offered him a role as a comedian, but Narayana Rao did not agree to the offer. He continued in his job and did not heed to many letters. But when even his colleagues told him to try once, he accepted the role of the main comedian in the film.

On the first day of shoot, makeup man Krishna insulted him by saying, “These days, people from every nook and corner, go on stage, become actors and expect to become big stars in Industry without looking at their face!”  Dasari felt really bad for those words as he came to industry when someone invited him and not vice versa. Well, even his role had been debunked to assistant to the main character and he wanted to know the reason for change from the producer.

After knowing even he did not have any clue for the change, he continued to shoot. Instead of him, comedian Balakrishna did the role.