That day RGV feared for his life!


RGV-tweetsRam Gopal Verma, always come across has a more sorted person than many and with his movies and comments, he comes across as a person who doesn’t fear much. But the director of films like Satya, Company does have mafia threats and suparis have been issued for his head. So, RGV too fear for his life more times than ever and the man shared the incident when he really got scared for his life!

“I stay in 8th floor in a big appartment in Mumbai. My boy messages and calls my driver that I am coming out and driver will be ready with the car near the gate. As I don’t like to waste time, I have set this action plan. But that day, as I came down my driver was waiting but I saw a van and people from the van were looking at me suspiciously. I stopped and for a moment looked at them. The van disappeared and I went forward. Now, I saw them speaking to my watchman. And still, they were looking at me indifferently.

“I thought these could be the people you came to kill me. For a second, I freezed out and then ran back. As I thought waiting for lift would give them a chance, I started climbing the stairs, reached fourth floor and remembered by friend lives in the third. For a minute, I thought about going into his flat, but if I try that I could run into them so I ran up. Reached my eighth floor but saw lift stopping there. So, I immediately climbed to floors up to tenth and banged on the door I saw. They identified me and I pushed into their flat. All got scared but my phone always stays in my car, so I immediately needed to call my driver to know what’s happening. Somehow I called him and he said, they were lift service men and as they I identified me they kept looking at me”, RGV laughed out loud in his style explaining the story.

“Once, a person on bike followed his car and he reached close to the window, he reached to his back and my driver shouted out loud thinking someone came to shoot me. But that person was a script writer and wanted to give him his script. But I did not fear that day. Also, my flat shook due to earthquake and I thought this is the end of my life. Rather than running out I stayed back to hear what will be the sound when flat roof cracks and falls down”, the director explained as the interviewer listened to him, scared!