Dear NRIs, Garudavega Is Not Big Hit In USA


Praveen-SattaruFor any good film, there will some good fans who want to talk about facts. And the recent tiff between director Praveen Sattaru and some NRIs, which is being escalated by few media houses, has seen some worst possible comments being made by both the sides.

Firstly it is Praveen Sattaru who accused that NRIs love to bring a 5$ pizza home and watch a pirated print of Telugu movie downloaded from the internet rather going to theatres. This is an utterly foolish statement because those million-dollar collections are possible for Telugu films only because of NRIs watching them but not native Americans rushing to theatres to catch Telugu films.

If we have to see some truth in his comments, maybe those students and job holders in their early years, might watch a pirated copy, provided that their salary is not high enough to enjoy luxuries.

Cut to NRIs now, some people are even demanding an apology from Praveen Sattaru saying that his latest hit Garudavega did well in the USA than Telugu states. Whether they demand an apology from Mr Sattaru or not is a different thing, but saying that Garudavega is a big hit in the USA is a foolish thing.

Garuadavega collected half-million dollars in the USA, means 3 crores gross, which results in nearly 1.5 crores of final collection distributors will get. But in Telugu states alone the film collected 11 crores gross which is almost 5.5+ crores share collection. So there is no way Garudavega is a big hit in the USA than India.

Cut to Praveen Sattaru Vs NRIs, it’s up to them to decide, but if both sides want to speak factual stuff, then they have to speak correctly.