Debutant Heroine Injured! Here’s Proof


A couple of days back we have already informed that debutant heroine Malvika Sharma got injured on the sets of Raviteja’s latest film. Tentatively titled Nela Ticket, the film unit is shooting a bike ride scene, that’s when the hot and young model from Mumbai lost her balance and crashed.

Though we have reported this incident, PR team of the movie is quick to deny that there was no such incident. First, it came out that Raviteja is not injured but Malvika is injured, later they stated that both are safe and shooting here in Hyderabad. But it turns out to be false.

Here you could notice in the latest picture of Malvika Sharma that she got her left ankle fractured and a bandage could be seen wrapped around her leg. Also, she’s being pushed home in a wheelchair as she is expected not to walk for at least two weeks.

Hiding such incidents will not help promote a movie or they will not bring any bad name to the film. Wonder why PR teams behave that way!