Decent Advance Bookings On Fairly Big Release


The new Nani film Krishnarjuna Yudham releases tomorrow. It is the star’s new flick after the career-best opening and hit, MCA. Will KAY be in the same zone is what everyone wants to know? Well, the truth is the advance booking for the film is a far cry from what we saw with Middle-Class Abbayi (MCA).

Of course, the release too is not that huge. What we see with Krishnarjuna Yudham is reasonably big release, but not on par with MCA. Even the advance is decent but not in same space as MCA. Overall, Krishnarjuna Yudham is looking an opening that movies of Nani used to get before MCA.

If the talk comes out positive, there will be the jump, otherwise, it would stay on those levels irrespective of the talk. Merlapaka Gandhi’s previous two films were a big success for the respective heroes. He is known for racy narration and comedy, and if those click here, the numbers are sure to get a bump. If the start is at lower levels initially.