Deepika Has Got Diesel’s Blessings!


deepika-padukone-vin-dieselBollywood heroines are going global these days and focusing on Hollywood.  Long legged beauty Deepika Padukone is also one of them.  Deepika debuted to Hollywood with ‘xXx: Return Of Xander Cage’ starring Vin Diesel..  As the movie disappointed at the box office, Deepika couldn’t get the dream start in Hollywood.

Deepika said to have spent huge on the PR to establish herself as a Hollywood star with the first film but she couldn’t get the desired result.  Surprisingly, Deepika has got the blessings of Vin Diesel as she moved very close with him.  It is known that Deepika revealed in a promotional interview of ‘xXx’ that she had a dream of having babies through Vin Diesel.  This shows how Deepika has buttered him up for grabbing more Hollywood offers.

It seems all the trials have worked for Deepika and she has been finalized for ‘xXx’ sequel.  Vin Diesel recommended Deepika for this film personally.  The director has officially confirmed that Deepika is going to be the female lead the sequel.   Deepika has got Diesel’s blessings but we have to wait and see whether she will get the much needed success in Hollywood or not.