Deepika Padukone becomes demanding


After the spectacular success of the Sanjay Leela Bhansali directed Padmaavat, leading lady Deepika Padukone seems to have received a huge ego boost. Rumour has it that the actress now entertains only author-backed roles and demands a remuneration that exceeds what the leading man receives and is apparently, three times more than what A-list heroines make. “Sari Bhansali ki galti hai (It’s all Bhansali’s fault),” says a young director.

“After Padmaavat, Deepika thinks she is far above the rat race. She will only entertain top-notch producers and directors and only if they come to her with the author-backed title role. She also wants creative control over the script,” adds the director.

The end result might not be palatable for the actress for she runs the risk of out-pricing herself from the movie market. The repercussions can already be felt, for her marketing team is having to create false stories about her roles (Deepika doing a desi super-hero film is one such flight of fantasy).

We hope the young actress realises that talent speaks louder than digits on a cheque, and Deepika surely isn’t lacking in the talent department.