Deepika Padukone gets violent with SRK


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The last day of the Chennai Express shoot had the feisty babe literally showing the men what she is made of

Those who thought Deepika Padukone was a porcelain princess, beware; the lady can pack a powerful punch and none other than her Chennai Express co-star Shahrukh Khan can vouch for this!

In the latest video from the making of the film, Dips is seen whacking the living daylights out of SRK. It’s a scene on the railway station where director Rohit Shetty and SRK are seen tutoring Dips on the art of a perfect punch. But what the two blokes don’t know is that Deepika is a fast learner, and after just a few takes, she not only blocks SRK’s punch, but also returns a surprisingly quick jab to his nose!

And moments later, in a scene where Rohit Shetty is seen messing with Deepika, the heroine really lets him have it, breaking a cola bottle on his head! Now, before all you SRK and Rohit Shetty fans start complaining about your fav superstars getting hurt, don’t! It was all fun and games, as if you didn’t know it! But it feels good no, to see a girl beating the daylights out of grown men?

Check out the awesome video with Deepika at her mischievous best!

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