What Deva Katta Understood On GST?


What-Deva-Katta-Understood-Critically acclaimed director Deva Katta has taken on twitter to express his views on the GST (Goods and Service Tax). This is what he has to say, finally understood the basics of GST. It’s an awesome change bringing everyone into the system!!

Deva Katta who earlier directed Vennela, Prasthanam and Autonagar Surya has finally understood the basics of GST.

One wonders what is it that he understood while the whole Tamil Industry came out openly protesting the tax.

Is it the way Tamil Nadu state government dealt with the issue by not decreasing SGST (State GST component) like the other state Kerala did on film industry.

Whatever the reasons are, one thing is clear that there is still no clarity on effects of this implementation. Only time will tell, let’s wait and watch or else Deva Katta can explain on what he really understood?