Devi Sri Prasad Idea Works out at India Level


Devi Sri Prasad’s one particular idea has created wonders and which is being adopted by most of the filmmakers at all India level from many film industries. It had been a common practice before, all songs were released at one go in the form of music albums.

Obviously, music lovers would report one or two songs were good and rest were a scrap in the album. However, Devi started releaing one song each per every three or more days from Khaidi Number 150.

‘Ammadu Let’s Do Kummudu’ was the first audio single ever released in Tollywood on youtube and the song received humongous response from everyone. As the idea went on a success, Devi released all other songs of Khaidi Number 150 in the form of ‘Audio Singles’. Devi’s idea worked out a big time and is being adopted not only by Tollywood’s filmmakers but also other film industries such as Kollywood, Malluwood and Bollywood.

Top lyricist Chandrabose disclosed this great feat of Devi during the pre release event of Rangasthalam. There was a huge response from audience for Devi’s unique achievement.