Dhanraj Reveals Facts About DSP


Srikanth-AddalaDevi Sri Prasad is title of upcoming Telugu film which created a lot of buzz in the recent times. The film’s trailer released recently and there are a lot of controversies on the same because the film projects the story of four people who raped a dead body.

Dhanraj played a key role in the film and he interacted with the media today as part of promotions. The actor told that the film is a female centric one and indicated that the story line is about a mortuary incharge along with friends doing something with a star getting dead body. The actor told that the film unit screened the film for a lot of people in the industry and he revealed that everyone liked the film.

The actor also told that people who are criticising the movie will change their opinion once they watch the film. The film is releasing on  17th on this month along with the 7 other films. The film is directed by Sri Kishore and the actor added that he worked for free as he liked the story in the movie.