Dhruva 50 crore club, History Created But Hit Awaited


dhruva-first-week-collectioRam Charan’s Dhruva, released on December 9th amidst highly uncertain economic conditions due to demonetization. After receiving a few initial jitters, the film sustained well at the box-office.

Finally, Dhruva entered the 50 crore club on its 18th day. The film’s unit has made it official that Dhruva has crossed the 50 crore share club. With this, Dhruva has created a new record in Tollywood.

Dhruva is the first film in Tollywood’s history which released in December and went on to surpass the 50 crore share milestone. Usually, December is considered not a fruitful month for film trade and Dhruva has broken the jinx in style and in such challenging conditions.

While Dhruva’s feat is indeed admirable, the film is still awaiting the hit status as it needs to collect 10 crores more to break even and bring smiles to buyers from all areas, including overseas where it grossed nearly $1.3 million. Will Dhruva brave the new releases and become a hit is the big question now.